List of things

Some of these links are still in development, but all usable as they are.

Emoji Maker

Combine different Twemoji facial features to create a unique Twemoji!

Trivia Game

A small trivia game using the OpenTDB API. No time limit or end, just 100% questions.

Text Repeater

Input a string of text and choose how many times you want to repeat it!

Thud sound effect


Is Team fortress 2 dead yet?

Click and find out.

Old school portal

geocities vibes

Walking man

A walking man.


These will come in the future but are currently WIP.


Open source stylesheet based on this site

Zalgo text generator

A tool to create uh.. zalgo text?

Off-site projects

Anything I have done that is not on this website can be found here.

Urban Dictionary Bot (Discord)

a python-based discord bot that displays relevant urban dictionary result(s) of your choice!

A web/discord based team fortress 2 item unboxing and trading simulator

KritzKast-O-Tron (Discord)

The initial developer for the bot that is used on the KritzKast Discord server, check out the server here.