Urban Dictionary bot - Terms of service

Usage Agreement

By inviting the bot and using its features you agree to the below mentioned Terms and Privacy Policy of the bot.

You acknowledge that you have the priviledge to use the bot freely on any Discord Server (Server) you share with it, that you can invite it to any Server that you have "Manage Server" rights for.
This priviledge might get revoked for you, if you're subject of breaking the terms and/or policy of this bot, or the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and/or Community Guidelines of Discord Inc.

Intended Age

The bot may not be used by individuals under the minimal age described in Discord's Terms of Service.
The define command may not be used by individuals under the age of maturity in their country.
Doing so will be seen as a violation of these terms and will result in a removal of the bot from any servers you own.


The Bot is not affiliated with, supported or made by Discord Inc. Any direct connection to Discord or any of its Trademark objects is purely coincidental.
We do not claim to have the copyright ownership of any of Discord's assets, trademarks or other intellectual property.


The owner of the bot may not be made liable for individuals breaking these Terms at any given time. He has faith in the end users being truthful about their information and not misusing this bot or The Services of Discord Inc in a malicious way.


People may get in contact through e-mail at [email protected] or discord (Loaf#1234). Other ways of support may be provided but aren't guaranteed.

Usage of Data

The bot only interacts with user data (your name/discriminator) when running logs for debug purposes.
None of your data is stored permanently on a server